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Commited to Safety

A jobsite is an ever-evolving landscape.  Such a workplace requires a workforce to be on their toes, alert and watching out for their colleagues.  Through job hazard analysis and pre-construction planning Case Pacific Company believes that an emphasis on safety starts before the first hole is drilled. We have a strong belief that a successful safety program is initiated at the top and carries out into the field where the boots hit the soil.  Work smart, not harder is the motto that drives our work.

Case Pacific Cmpany offers training to all employees in bi-annual safety meetings and scheduled weekend trainings.  We have developed a safety program designed to allow everyone to speak up knowing that their suggestions will be heard. Task specific training is offered to keep our workforce up to speed on the new standards implemented not only by OSHA, but by the strict standards we hold ourselves to.

Job site audits are done on a weekly basis by both Project Managers and our full time Safety Officer.  By keeping a constant eye on the field operations, we can better prevent accidents from happening and let our workforce know that

"Safety is not only a concern, but our number one priority."

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