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Cupertino Theatre

Cupertino, CA

  • 120,000+ square foot of permanent shoring for subterranean theatre and tunnel work.

  • Earth retention and foundation systems implemented

    • Soil Nails

    • Soldier Beams and Tiebacks

    •  Internal Bracing

    • Cut and cover tunnel

    • Ground Improvement

    • Foundation system designed for 1,500,000# crane pics at edge of 70’ soil nail wall

  • 70’ + excavation depths with vertical batter of one percent for anticipated deflection.

  • Designed as a permanent standalone seismic system separate from structure

Project Team

  • Owner: Confidential

  • General Contractor: Truebeck Construction

  • Shoring and Foundations: Case Pacific Company

  • Project Manager: Charlie Bower

  • Superintendents: Robert Tanguileg and Keith Bommersbach

  • Designer: Pirooz Barar and Associates

  • Project Cost: Unknown

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