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Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting involves the controlled injection of a very stiff, mortarlike grout at high pressures into discrete layers of soil.  The grout does not enter the soil pores, but forms a grout bulb that displaces and densifies the surrounding soil.                                                                                                                             

Compaction grouting can be performed without causing a great deal of disturbance to facilities, residences and roadways due to the fact that large equipment is not needed near the injection site.  Most of the installation can be done with the use of handheld equipment allowing the work to be performed in the most confined areas. 

Benefits of Compaction Grouting

  • Densification of soil for increased bearing capacity

  • Mitigate liquefiable soils

  • Raising and leveling of existing structures and utilities

  • Compensation of ground loss during tunneling operations

Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is the longest-established and most widely used grouting technique where the objective is to fill a void space without displacement of the formation or any change to the volume.

This method is used for the strengthening of a formation, to control groundwater and to allow for excavation activities making it a cost effective alternative to conventional shoring systems.

Permeation grouting is the only type of grouting that can be used in all of the different formations into which grout may be pumped.

Benefits of Permeation Grouting

  • Strengthen Sands & Gravels

  • Repair structural and rock formations

  • Stop the flow of groundwater

Emergency Water Shut-Off Grouting

Grouting is the most common method of repair to control groundwater.  We have huge a variety of techniques, grout materials and mixes that we can employ to stop/control inflows of water and materials into excavations, conduits and structures.  Every project is site specific and all factors will be considered by Case Pacific Company when determining product or products, techniques and equipment.

Common Grout Materials Used

  • Hydrophobic Urethanes

  • Hydrophillic Urethanes

  • Acrylic Polymer

  • Sodium Silicate/Cement Grouts

Other Grouting Solutions

  • Repositioning Settled Structures

  • Displacement Grouting

  • Scour Protection

  • Slabjacking

  • Lime Injection

  • Pipe Abondonment Grouting

  • Slipliner Grouting

  • Well Abandonment Grouting

  • Epoxy Crack Grouting

  • Hydraulic Jacking/Relevelling

  • Cellular Grout Replacement

  • In-Situ Remediation

  • Dam Remediation  

  • Tunnel grouting

  • Jet Grouting

Underpinning support
Permeation Grouting Photo
Grouting Woodide, CA
Permeation Grouting Photo 2
Permeation Grouting 3
Permeation Grouting Photo 1
Highway 17
Compaction Grouting
Compaction Grouting San Francisco 2
Compaction Grouting Bodega Bay, CA
Compaction Grouting SB Hwy 17 at 3.0
Casing Installation SB Hwy 17 3.0 (2)
Casing Installation SB Hwy 17 3.0
Compaction Grouting San Francisco
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